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Your front yard, regardless of its size, plays a crucial role in your home’s overall curb appeal. It is the first thing guests see when they approach your property. Attractive landscaping, however, requires more than just a beautiful lawn. A well-kept landscaped front yard should consider the style and size of your house, it’s position on the property, the amount of sunlight the yard receives, and how it can best be enhanced by plantings, bushes, shrubs, and trees.
Bayside Builders Group are the right people for the job
Designing a beautiful landscape takes great effort and planning. Our crews at Bayside Builders Group can help guide you to the design that will best suit your home and will help elevate its appearance. Our experts are trained in horticulture and design, thus we will ensure to capture your preferences and express your personality through greenspace. We will help you craft an outdoor space that best suits your preferences so that your lawn and garden fits smoothly and seamlessly with the design of your home.
We are committed to top-notch work
Client satisfaction is at the top of our priorities. Our work and service is highly professional and always executed with excellence. You can rely on our team at Bayside Builders Group for prompt and timely service no matter the time of day. It is our pleasure to serve our community at Bayside Builders Group and the surrounding area.
Examples of our landscaping design:
  • Decorative plants
  • Stonework / pavers
  • Landscape lighting
  • Aquatic features including fountains and ponds
  • Patios / decks
  • Native plants and vegetation
  • Shrubs / trees
  • Flowering gardens
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There is nothing like beautiful landscaping in your home’s front yard. But such a beautiful appearance requires some great effort. Luckily, such a project is no strange to us and we are more than qualified to offer you the lawn of your dreams. Give us a call at (510) 901-9972 to begin your landscape's makeover.


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